EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches
EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches

EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches

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Our product is a result of meticulously selecting pure, natural ingredients, harnessing the gifts of nature in perfect harmony. It seamlessly integrates with your body, without any adverse effects. It takes inspiration from the renowned medical masterpiece "Compendium of Materia Medica," with a specific focus on kidney treatments. This innovative patch gently guides the kidneys through the stages of repair. To date, over thirty thousand kidney patients have chosen our product, supported by scientific research demonstrating that consistent use for more than six months aids in gradual kidney recovery and revitalization.

This patch embodies the principle of addressing the root cause, diverging from the immediacy of Western medicine. Its efficacy unfolds over time, often spanning four months. We guarantee you that if no visible results emerge after six months, a full refund is assured. Additionally, within thirty days of receiving the product, if you are dissatisfied, we're here to assist with returns. We are devoted to our social responsibility commitment, pledging 5% of sales to the American Kidney Foundation, promoting kidney health.

We hope that this patch will bring hope and improvement to your life, propelling you towards a healthier and better existence.

Let us share the stories of some satisfied customers who have successfully used this patch:

"Because I'm getting older, I felt like my kidneys weren't doing too well. I've had kidney stones before, and I could hardly urinate normally. Then my friend told me about this product, and I tried it. In just 2 days, I felt a huge relief; I can urinate with ease and comfort! This patch is truly amazing!" - Michael Rodriguez, Texas, USA

"I suffer from severe lymphedema, which has caused my legs to swell so much that I cannot walk and live normally. It was life-threatening, and my primary doctor told me it was largely due to kidney failure, which was unable to filter toxins out of the body and flush out excess water. So he recommended EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches to me, which I use every day. After using it for 1 week, I felt obvious changes; my body was no longer sore and swollen, and I could sleep well. After 8 weeks of use, my lymphedema has disappeared, and I feel full of energy. After going to the hospital for an examination, I found that my kidney function has become stronger again, and the toxins in the body have been excreted, and my health has been restored. Great patches, thanks." - Shm Trabel, Vancouver, Canada

"During my first gout attack, I was in so much pain that I desperately searched the internet for a cure. After seeing the EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches, I couldn't wait to place an order. After 2 weeks of use, the swelling on my finger joints is gone, and no more pain." - Kact Shally, New South Wales, Australia

The Main Functions of the Kidneys

The kidneys are vital organs in the human body, and their primary functions include excreting waste, maintaining fluid balance, electrolyte balance, and acid-base balance, regulating blood pressure, producing red blood cells, and metabolizing hormones.

Every minute, the kidneys filter about 120 to 150 milliliters of blood, removing waste and excess substances. Blood from the heart enters the kidneys through the renal arteries. In the renal corpuscles, located within the kidneys, blood is filtered to form preliminary urine. This preliminary urine then passes through the renal tubules, where it undergoes further processing and adjustment of its composition. During this process, useful substances such as glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, while excess waste and substances continue to be excreted into the urine. Ultimately, the urine flows out of the kidneys, enters the bladder, and awaits excretion from the body. This process ensures the removal of waste from the body and maintains fluid and electrolyte balance.

Any issues involving the kidneys can potentially lead to various health problems, such as high blood pressure, lymphedema, proteinuria, cardiovascular diseases, and more. Without timely intervention, these problems can worsen and lead to kidney function failure.

How to Determine the Stages of Kidney Disease

Stage 1: GFR ≥ 90 mL/min/1.73 m² Normal glomerular filtration rate (GFR) with possible other kidney issues, such as proteinuria.

Stage 2: GFR 60-89 mL/min/1.73 m², proteinuria levels less than 30 mg/g Mild decrease in kidney function, possibly accompanied by mild proteinuria.

Stage 3: GFR 30-59 mL/min/1.73 m², proteinuria levels between 30-300 mg/g Moderate decrease in kidney function, potentially with moderate proteinuria.

Stage 4: GFR 15-29 mL/min/1.73 m², proteinuria levels between 301-1,000 mg/g Severe decrease in kidney function with noticeable proteinuria.

Stage 5: GFR < 15 mL/min/1.73 m², proteinuria levels greater than 1,000 mg/g Kidney failure, requiring kidney replacement therapy such as dialysis or kidney transplantation.

If your kidneys have reached Stage 5, kidney patches can only help alleviate complications but do not provide a curative effect. For diseases in Stage 4 or higher, kidney patches can be used for intervention and to support kidney function recovery.

The Importance of Kidney Health

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and excess fluids from the body while regulating fluid and blood pressure. Additionally, the kidneys assist in clearing acidic substances produced by body cells and maintaining a healthy balance of water, salt, and minerals such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium in your bloodstream. Research shows that approximately 85.97% of toxins, waste, and excess fluids are eliminated from the body through urine. In a healthy state, the kidneys efficiently clear toxins and waste from the body through urine, promote lymphatic circulation, process toxins and waste from the lymphatic system to prevent their buildup.

The kidneys also produce beneficial hormones.

They alleviate lymphatic swelling.

They maintain water and electrolyte balance.

They produce erythropoietin(NIH external link).

They sustain bone health.

They ensure internal balance and normal function within the body.

They prevent urinary tract infections.

Comparison between Healthy and Damaged Kidneys

Healthy kidneys can efficiently filter the blood, regulate fluid balance, maintain normal hormone and pH levels, help sustain healthy blood pressure, and clear harmful substances and drug metabolites from the body. In contrast, damaged kidneys, due to a loss of partial filtering capacity, lead to the accumulation of waste and excess substances in the bloodstream, causing imbalances and resulting in symptoms such as high blood pressure, back pain, changes in urine, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, nephritis, and other painful or uncomfortable conditions. Early monitoring and management of kidney health are crucial to prevent further damage.

Factors Affecting Kidney Health

Symptoms of Unhealthy Kidneys

If kidney damage advances gradually, the symptoms and signs of chronic kidney disease can gradually emerge. These may include :

It's essential to recognize these signs promptly to seek appropriate medical attention and maintain kidney health.

How does our kidney patch work?

Through a transdermal process, kidney care patches deliver active ingredients through the skin, distributing them throughout the body and slowly absorbing them into the bloodstream. This enhances circulation, eliminating harmful toxins that can impair kidney function.

Main Features of Kidney Care Patch

Convenient to use

Applied to the lower back, the active ingredients distribute throughout the body by penetrating the skin, providing more oxygen and nutrients to the kidneys to support their normal function.

Transdermal process
By using an adhesive patch, the active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution, & it is absorbed slowly into the body without side effects.

Natural & safe

Combines potent herbal extracts to support kidney health, including cloves, angelica, and monk fruit.


Aids in eliminating the impact of harmful toxins on the kidneys resulting from risks and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Improves overall health

These can alleviate fatigue, lethargy, and itching, all while promoting circulation and providing energy and strength!

Here are some key ingredients of our Kidney Care Patch (all sourced from nature)


is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C, which help protect cells from oxidative stress. Clove possesses natural antimicrobial properties, combating bacteria and fungi, which aids in preventing kidney-related infections like urinary tract infections. Clove also promotes digestion, helping alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort. By maintaining normal gastrointestinal function and reducing edema, it contributes to reducing the burden on the kidneys.

Angelica roots

also known as "break-stone herb," is a common herbal folk remedy for kidney stones. It is believed to help prevent the formation of calcium oxalate stones and may also be considered to reduce the size of existing stones. Research conducted by reputable authorities in the United States has shown that Angelica roots has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can boost the immune system, alleviate headaches, insomnia, and effectively inhibit the formation of melanin, such as freckles, dark spots, and age spots.

Monk Fruit

 is rich in flavonoids and polyphenolic antioxidants, which help balance the activity of the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of autoimmune kidney diseases. Monk Fruit has vasodilatory properties and promotes blood circulation, improving blood supply to the kidneys, ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, and contributing to the control of high blood pressure.

Additionally, it also contains various other herbal ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body and offer health benefits.

Our research team

Dr. Hidemitsu Nakayama, a renowned professor at the Tokyo Medical University in Japan, offers unique and effective treatment strategies for acute kidney diseases based on his extensive clinical experience. Dr. Nakayama is the innovator behind our Kidney Repair Patch, which has gained popularity in Japan and is now introduced in the United States. His mission is to provide the best treatment solutions for individuals with kidney diseases at very affordable costs.


"I love this patch! I was skeptical at first, but it does what it claims. I have been suffering from back pain due to my kidney problems, and then I tried this patch, right after use, I felt relieved and relaxed! I recommend it for those who suffer like me!" — Maryann Grant, Florida, USA

"Two months ago, I was a kidney patient with reduced urine and reddish color. After seeing the advertisement for EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches on the internet, I decided to place an order because the price is negligible compared to going to the doctor. I stick the patch on my tummy every night, and the next day, I feel energetic and free from fatigue. After 5 weeks, my urine returned to normal. I recommend it to patients who have experienced the same as me." — Mostafa Kamal, Illinois, USA

"My legs were inexplicably swollen, which I later learned was due to kidney disease. Upon a friend's recommendation, I tried EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches. After using two boxes, the situation has improved, and the swelling is gradually subsiding. I will continue to use it until I recover to normal." — Kris Fedoseeva, California, USA

Usage Instructions:

Open the patch and tear off the white film on top. Apply it to the skin corresponding to the location of the kidneys. Use two patches at a time, one for each kidney. The patch lasts for 8 hours; for those with severe kidney conditions, a new patch can be applied after the 8-hour medicinal effect ends. For stage 1-2 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 2-4 patches per day. For stage 3-4 kidney disease patients, it is recommended to use 4-6 patches per day. Continuously use the patch for at least three months to reduce some of the complications caused by kidney issues. Use it for at least six months to achieve the effect of treating kidney problems.


  • Material: Non-Woven Patch
  • Patch Size: 7cm x 7cm

    Package includes

    • EasyRx™ Kidney Function Support Patches (50 pcs)


    During usage, avoid any malfunctions to prevent an impact on effectiveness. Based on our research data and customer feedback, the most significant and stable results are observed during the 12th week of use. Over 10,000 customers have suggested purchasing 5 boxes or more at once to prevent any interruption due to prolonged delivery times between orders and logistic processes, which might affect the outcomes.

    FDA approved, no side effects

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